TEFL 120 hrs (Level 3)

Module 6: Classroom Management (TEFL007)

Module: Classroom Management

Units: Unit 1: Creating and Managing a Positive Learning Environment Unit; 2: Behavioural Issues; Unit 3: Online Scenarios

Module outline: Classroom Management is normally the hardest part of teaching to get right. Teachers start out with noble aspirations, great lesson plans, and enthusiasm, but fall short when it comes to discipline and managing a class. We cover the principles of avoiding negative students, a negative classroom environment, and the worst of all a negative teacher. Yet, issues will arise in your classrooms and in your online teaching sessions and these need to be dealt with in the correct way.

Why classroom management is important?

We have the experience of what we think discipline is, but it is a fine balancing act to get right. Guidance and learning require structure, but too much structure and lack of student agency robs your students of learning. This module guides you through the balancing act between freedom and control in your classroom.

By the end of this module, you will know:
• how important it is to maintain a learning roadmap for your learners in terms of long-, medium-, and lesson goals.
• the principles behind creating a positive learning environment.
• what common online misbehaviours are and how to respond to them.
• how to manage students individually, in groups, and as a bigger class.

By the end of this module, you will understand:
• that a positive learning environment is a supportive, vulnerable, collaborative and engaged space which is necessary for learning.
• what causes behavioural issues and how to prevent and cure them
• the different dynamics of work for a single student, a group, and a bigger class.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:
• Manage your class interactions through various classroom management techniques.
• Maintain a positive classroom atmosphere.
• Manage behavioural issues in your classroom.
• Show you understand classroom management strategies to contribute to effective learning.
• Manage independent students, groups of students and motivate these students towards focus and attention.

10 hours | Video, study and check for understanding
  • Introduction
  • Unit 1
  • Creating and Managing a Positive Learning Environment
  • Creating and Managing a Positive Learning Environment
  • Creating and Managing a Positive Learning Environment (Test)
  • Unit 2
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Behavioural Issues (Test)
  • UNIT 3
  • Online Scenarios
  • Online Scenarios
  • Online Scenarios (Test)
  • Unit 4
  • Managing Inappropriate Behaviour
  • Managing Inappropriate Behaviour
  • Module 6 Assignment
  • Reflect & Engage
  • Module Reflection
  • References & Useful Resources
  • Module 6 Discussion
  • TEFL Module 6 Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed